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83% of insurance CEOs say they are “concerned” about the speed of technological change in the marketplace. This need for speed within the insurance market is creating a need for an “insurance as a platform” model in order to integrate systems and partners. An integration platform will be the key to delighting customers, launching new and richer products, partnering with third parties such as insurtech, and ultimately growing revenue.

When Hyperautomation & low-code works, the world works. Fortunately, advances in automation and low-code mean just about anyone can build new business apps and workflows. Read this report on the top trends for tech leaders in 2022—and discover how you can improve your processes by boosting citizen developer productivity, enabling new types of collaboration, and training staff in app development without taking on technical debt.

As cloud adoption continues to grow, it is crucial companies understand how security can impact operations in the cloud and what the ramifications are if their environment is not adequately protected. There are numerous components to consider when establishing your cloud adoption strategy and security policies, including data, users, applications, infrastructure, and more.

Layering defenses helps organizations keep up with the ever-shifting threat landscape, but using too many distinct security tools is costly and complex — and can cause latency and other performance penalties when end-users try to access applications and networks.