Month: April 2023

The latest edition of the annual Subscription Economy IndexTM (SEI), Zuora’s Subscribed Institute’s landmark index, tracks the rapid ascent of the Subscription Economy. The report reflects the growth metrics of companies around the world in sectors including SaaS, Media, Manufacturing, Internet of Things (IoT), Business Services, and Communications/Video Conferencing.

Subscriptions are more than a financial model, they represent a new way of defining relationships between customers and providers. Today’s customers aren’t simply buying a product, they’re committing to a relationship with a brand. For providers, finding ways big and small to demonstrate that you understand your customer and care about their needs will build trust and loyalty over time.

B2B companies with the highest growth rates strategically use flexible pricing to align price with customer value. Zuora collaborated with McKinsey & Company to analyze our Subscription Economy Benchmark data and develop guidance on the three core pricing elements common to the fastest growing B2B subscription companies.

Leading enterprises recognize Global Business Services (GBS) can drive service delivery efficiencies. While lines of business have different transformation priorities, GBS can help them align on shared goals across the organization. But, to translate GBS from a concept to reality, you need to develop an agile, foundational GBS model. Read this ebook to learn how to implement, scale, and mature your GBS model and how to enable GBS transformation with a foundational digital platform.