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This ebook features five international clients in a variety of industries: from non-profit and education to consumer goods and technology verticals. They all have Pantheon in common. By trusting their website operations to Pantheon, these companies transform their digital presence to deliver value to their customers and have data to prove it.

One of the best ways to ensure that a website is secure is to regularly update the core CMS and all related plugins/modules/themes. Sites with out-of-date code do not have the most recent security updates and performance optimizations, and as a result are less stable, less secure, and at greater risk of experiencing downtime.

We set out to learn more about how web teams can work together more efficiently to create an extraordinary, high performing website. To find out, Pantheon partnered with Hanover Research to survey more than 400 Marketing and IT leaders. We learned that there are a lot of opportunities for Marketing & IT to align on, but one thing is crystal clear