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WebOps Security: Automating Site Updates

About this ebook:

About 35% of data breaches start with websites.

One of the best ways to ensure that a website is secure is to regularly update the core CMS and all related plugins/modules/themes. Sites with out-of-date code do not have the most recent security updates and performance optimizations, and as a result are less stable, less secure, and at greater risk of experiencing downtime.

Pantheon’s Autopilot always keeps sites up to date and allows machines to automatically detect, perform, test, and deploy updates for WordPress and Drupal CMS solutions. By regularly updating the Core CMS and all related plugins/modules/themes, organizations can ensure that their websites are secure.

What you’ll learn:

–  Why running outdated core versions, as well as older plugins/modules, and themes present a significant security risk.

–  How to intelligently detect visual and content changes through visual regression testing (VRT) tools to compare and ensure optimal website functionality and excellent user experience.

–  Why organizations of all sizes need to be concerned with website security

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