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Empowering HR Champions:
Navigating the Waves of Industry Change

Fast Forward to Innovation

About this ebook:

When we say it, you might take it with a grain of salt. When our customers say it, it is no longer marketing.

This ebook features five international clients in a variety of industries: from non-profit and education to consumer goods and technology verticals. They all have Pantheon in common. By trusting their website operations to Pantheon, these companies transform their digital presence to deliver value to their customers and have data to prove it.

What you’ll learn:

–  Pernod Ricard streamlines management of its 200 websites with WordPress and Pantheon

–  Tableau Software sees a lift in its growth KPIs with Pantheon’s lightning-fast performance

–  The University of Edinburgh migrates 1500+ sites to Pantheon to improve web governance

–  Doctors Without Borders (MSF-USA) trusts Pantheon to handle traffic spikes

–  New Relic saves 1000 developer labor hours a year with Pantheon’s efficient workflows