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Prometheus-Native Monitoring SaaS Solutions: Buyer’s Guide

The world of monitoring has fundamentally changed. Today’s monitoring tools were not designed for the complex, dynamic, and interconnected nature of cloud-native architecture. Companies need a monitoring solution that is as scalable, reliable, and flexible as the cloudnative apps they need to monitor.

Prometheus’ single binary implementation for ingestion, storage, and querying makes it ideal as a light-weight metrics and monitoring solution with quick time to value — perfect for cloudnative environments. But simplicity and ease has its trade-offs: as organizations inevitably scale up their infrastructure footprint and number of microservices, you need to stand up multiple Prometheus instances and start to deal with high availability and data locality issues – all of which requires significant management overhead.

Because of the time and challenges involved with running your own Prometheus deployment, many organizations are exploring moving to a hosted, or a managed metrics and monitoring SaaS offering. To ensure a smooth transition to the solution and avoid future lock-in, it’s critical that the SaaS monitoring solution be fully Prometheusnative.* This whitepaper explores the key capabilities that organizations need to consider when selecting a Prometheusnative monitoring solution.