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83% of insurance CEOs say they are “concerned” about the speed of technological change in the marketplace. This need for speed within the insurance market is creating a need for an “insurance as a platform” model in order to integrate systems and partners. An integration platform will be the key to delighting customers, launching new and richer products, partnering with third parties such as insurtech, and ultimately growing revenue.

Organizations that strive to deliver secure digital experiences will achieve competitive advantage by safely unleashing application innovation that delights customers. However, changing dynamics in the way applications are designed and deployed have expanded the threat surface and have necessitated a paradigm shift in the way security is delivered.

APIs are a contract between the service provider and service consumer. When any application uses an API, it needs to conform to an agreed-upon standard, with implicitly set expectations. What happens behind the scenes is of no concern to the consumer, enabling the service provider to use whatever means necessary to deliver the value