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2021 Global Workforce Trends

How could we have prepared for 2020?

It was the question on the minds of many throughout the early months of the pandemic that affected every aspect of daily life.

But now, we know the answer: Preparation was impossible. How individuals, leaders, and companies respond to the unprecedented is the true indication of success.

And success for many wasn’t about profit margins or the bottom line – not in 2020. This was the year of assessment, of pivoting, and of survival. It was about building connections and supporting each other on a personal level, albeit virtually.

Though predicting the future is futile and predictions are transient in nature, companies can find value in taking a macro-level look at the landscape of business growth, hiring, team building, and management. We are all connected in one global community, working collectively to adapt from day to day.

Resilience will be the key to building stability and longevity where long absent, and gathering the right data will provide a solid foundation. Consider the following trends as you plan your growth strategy, formulate your talent acquisition approach, and build out the target profiles of team members you wish to hire in 2021.

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