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How do we strategies HR reports and analytics to their best potential


As HRs with years of experience, analytics and reports filled with tedious efforts can revive past trauma in us sometimes. It’s time to leave behind mountains of paperwork and nights filled with melancholy over cryptic engagement scores that don’t let you sleep. We’ve all been there, wishing to seek the one boon of insights that can help you with it all. 

Well blessings in the guise of innovative E-data visualisation tools, predictive analysis secrets, dashboard reporting and key metrics that unlock employee performance and company growth are right in your pocket! Read on to map your mines of studded data insights that can transform your business journey drastically!

Unleashing the Power of HR Data

HR reports are mounds of treasure that may go unnoticed as dusty relics, but they are brimming with knowledge that can prove to be immensely useful for businesses. According to a recent SHRM study, companies using HR analytics see a 25% increase in employee engagement and a 15% reduction in turnover.

So, how do we unearth these gems?

Data Visualization Tools:

Interactive dashboards like Tableau and Power BI bring your data to life and help you ditch the tedious work of spreadsheets with charts and graphs with the littlest of details. A Gartner report reveals that companies using data visualisation tools experience a 50% increase in decision-making efficiency.

HR Data Metrics Analysis:

Your best maps app to navigate through all the data are KPIs or Key Performance Indicators. These magic beans track metrics like training costs, optimum time to hire, and more such areas to mark points for improvement. Imagine making your recruitment and hiring process much more accurate by analysing recruiting data to predict high-performing talent!

Beyond Traditional Metrics:

Clues may not always be hiding in plain sight, You got to look beyond the usual suspects. One way to gauge real-time morale of employees is sentiment analysis. Engagement issues can be looked into by analysing social media activity of employees as well! According to a latest study, companies monitoring employee social media see a 12% increase in employee retention.

Brush off the dust of these power minerals and start the journey to a stronger tomorrow in your business’ systems and operations. HR analytics softwares is the key to transform your HR department into a data-driven powerhouse!

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